Antibiotic and Hormone Free • USDA Inspected • Pasture Raised in the Pioneer Valley

Beef Cattle • Feed & Mulch Hay • Custom Freezer Beef • Mechanized Field Work

Ellison Farms strives to produce high quality, naturally raised beef utilizing local cropland, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. We guarantee our products to be safe, healthy, family affordable, and especially flavorful. We use only our own local, farm-raised beef cattle. All of our livestock are fed only locally grown crops, and we maximize tenderness and food safety by aging the beef only in USDA inspected and certified processing facilities.

“Don’t ever sell the land—it’s your legacy.”
–Bud EllisonHear our interview with CISA on WRSI.

Why Buy Western Mass Local Beef?

  • SteakLocally grown food looks and tastes better. Livestock products are processed in nearby facilities, allowing the farmer to have a direct relationship with processors. They can better oversee quality, unlike animals processed in large industrial facilities.
  • Happy cowLocal food is safe. The consumer has the unique ability to look the farmer in the eye or visit the farm and fields.
  • FarmerLocal farmers are not anonymous and take personal responsibility for their products.
  • Farm familyLocal farms support local families. Local farmers cut out the many middlemen involved in national distribution and take direct profit, helping them to stay on family land.
  • Farmland with trees and rainLocal farms help preserve local open space and wildlife.

“Local Is the New Organic”
Time magazine